We are actively seeking talented artists to sell their masks through this site. It has been our experience that the market will pay for quality, so you can price your pieces as you feel they merit.

You will need to be able to drop-ship. This means that as orders for your items are received, payment for the item plus shipping are forwarded to you along with the order information. If you can accept credit cards or paypal, we can pay you in advance of shipment.


If you have an inventory you need to be able to finish, box, and send the item within two days. If you need more lead time, that is okay too. Just let us know so we can put your particular information on our site. Customers are very forgiving if they are told things in advance, but get upset if the rules change once they hand over their money.


Consider keeping a small inventory, especially around the beginning of October. Do not worry about getting too many orders at once, that does not happen very often.


Payment is done in one of three ways, by credit card, check or paypal. If you prefer payment by check, we will need your mailing address and who to make the check out to. If you prefer by Paypal, you will need provide us your account info or set up a new account. Setting an account up is easy and free to you. Go to Paypal here.


Contact us and let us know you are interested, we will take it from there.


Here is how this all works.... an order comes in. The customer has given us all their shipping information, paid for their mask, and paid for shipping. We'lI then transfer the customer's shipping information via email to you; we pay you; and you then send the mask directly to the customer. We can pay you for the mask in advance if you can take payment via credit card or Paypal.


While participation is free to you, we still do need a few things:

- High quality images of the finished product.

- How much you will be charging us (not the customer) for the mask

- Your estimated time of delivery... some studios have a mask or two on hand, others make them as the orders come in (not recommended, but possible).

- All of your contact information. Include cell phones, etc...

- How you want to get paid. We pay by credit card (best) paypal (second best) or check in the mail (third best... if an order comes in and you are getting paid by check, the order should not be held until the check comes in. Customers don't like it.)


Rules of the site:

- Do not put your promotional information in our customer's box, please.

- Do not (ever) put anything in a box (such as an invoice) that has our cost of a mask on it.

- Stick to your schedule. If you need to have more time to fullfill an order, okay, but write us so we can inform the customer. But only delay an order once if you can at all help it. More than one delay will often lead to....

- Don't do anything that causes a customer to cancel their order.

- Take care of the things that are under your control. We haggle with the credit card companies and do all the customer service on your behalf.

- Pay yourself enough that this is worth your while. The LAST thing we want to have happen is for an order to come in, and for you the artist to get disinterested because it is not worth your while.

- Communicate with us priority over everything else. If we write you two times in a day asking where an order is, it is because the customer is asking us. If it is frequent asking, it is usually a solid indication that the customer is angry. Not answering questions tends to make them angrier. It is our job to deal with the occasional upset customer, but we need to pull together. As generally mellow people, we do not like dealing with angry people.

- Never make us chase you down for answers. Sept/Oct are our "hell months" because our site keeps us glued to the chair from early in the morning till the wee hours and we do not have time for that kind of thing. Not complaining, we are glad for it, but the customers are our top priority.

- Important: ALWAYS ship with tracking!!!!! If you do not, every third customer will simply say "I never got it" and there is no proof otherwise. This leads to a chargeback to us (the customer then challenges the transaction) and not only do we have to fork the money back over, but we get a fine, and our merchant credit standing takes a hit. If this happens, you owe us a mask and the $35 fine. So again, always ship with tracking.

- Communicate with us proactively. For example, let us know if you are getting behind before things back up. If you need to change a price, let us know (don't wait until another order comes in or you will be expected to honor the older price).

- Stay cool, calm, and courteous. We make mistakes too.


Advantages (or, why do this?)

- Because you will make more money, of course!

- We do customer service... Go through a couple of Halloweens, you'll find out :~)

- Halloween-Mask.com and Halloween-Masks.com enjoy high search engine standing... notwithstanding another "Florida" update!

- It is free. There are plenty of companies that charge out the yin-yan for the same thing. Paying for traffic on BizRate or Overture do make for good profit... for BizRate and Overture!

- It is one more outlet for you, and the more you have the better you will do.

- We go to bat for you. When you do business online, you will run into the occasional psycho, and we are not being euphamistic. Trust us, been there, done that. You do not want to cross paths with these people, not even once, not even for a minute. There ARE scary, cruel and profoundly dangerous people on the other end of your computer. This one thing alone makes it all more than worth participating.

- We are available. No, not available that way, it means we can be reached by email and phone.

- Pricing is flexible. If we need to charge more for a mask than you do yourself, so be it.