BL Psycho Deluxe
BL Psycho Deluxe

BL Psycho Deluxe

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This is our testimonial to all Psychos - the deranged, maniacal gang of bandits that roam the wastelands of Pandora protecting the Vault.  Our take on the Borderlands mutant is sure to become the nemesis of all humans and Vault Hunters alike.  Here's your chance to cosplay, costume and/or collect our superbly detailed Psycho Bandit portrayal and level-up your game.

Our mask features a 2-piece design. The iconic Psycho outer mask is a detailed complete with faux leather straps and finished in the characteristic stylized cell shading art of the game. The underlying mask is a hood designed to allow clear breathing and vision. It is painted in the pale skin tones with tribal markings/tattoos.

This can be used as a bust/prop/display piece or a wearable mask.  

Full overhead latex hood with detachable face mask.  Hand painted and made in the U.S.A.

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