If you are ordering more than 10 masks, you have a bulk order, and can receive a quantity discount.

  • Bulk orders can be used for any reason
  • Great for promotions and parties
  • Get your friends together, and save!
  • Haunted houses and attractions - save BIG!
  • Jaycees - we want your business!
  • Yes, you can mix and match. You do not have to buy the same mask.

Here is the way it works... send us a list of the masks you are interested in purchasing. For every 4 masks, include at least one additional mask to the list to use as an alternate in case we cannot supply your first choice (inventories change rapidly!). Remember to send the name of the mask, item number/SKU and the url of the product page. Email to: [email protected]

We will then go to work and find you the best price. This will be the lowest we can go on the order. Once we agree on what you want, and that there is enough to supply the order, we need to know how you wish to pay. We can take credit cards, checks, and Paypal.

You will be asked to pay shipping. Halloween-Mask.com offers masks from many sources, so your order may or may not have a discount on shipping.

Regarding 'studio' masks - these are the 'art' pieces offered here. Some of these pieces are made by the artist as orders arrive. Other artists have a lag time from ordering to shipping. If you have a bulk order that includes alot of studio masks, place your order no later than mid-September.

Orders are not returnable, under any circumstances. Choose wisely. :~)

Orders of 100 masks or more will receive a free Halloween-Mask.com T-shirt! The height of fashion!