Frequently Asked Questions


How do I care for these masks once I get it?

Keep them on a wig stand, or something roughly head-shaped. Keep them out of heat. Keep them out of sunlight and fluorescent lighting. If the mask becomes distorted (remember latex is a natural product) use a blow drier on the low-heat setting. Store covered in plastic, or in a sealed display case.


What is the best way to clean a latex mask?

Never clean a latex mask with anything based on petroleum, even petroleum jelly. Instead, use a hand or facial cream once in a while. To clean, rinse with warm, soapy water. Masks get dirty quickly.


Are these masks in stores?

Most are not available in stores, especially the studio masks. The less expensive masks may be locally available.


What if it doesn't fit?

If it is too loose, you can glue some new and unused sponges into the inside using rubber cement or silicone bathtub caulk. If it is too tight, you might consider slitting the back. However, it is very rare that a mask is too tight as the artists design their pieces with wear ability in mind.


What forms of payment do you accept?

Credit Cards accepted: American Express - Discover - MasterCard - Visa.  We also accept PayPal.


Will you take a C.O.D.?

No, sorry.


Can you ship overseas/internationally?

Yes, we do ship internationally. It will cost more to ship your order internationally than within the United States. Delivery times are also longer for international shipping.


My order just came in and something is missing. What do I do?

Often when you purchase more than one item, it will come from more than one studio or warehouse. This means that the rest of your order is being sent separately and can sometimes arrive at different times.

Another possibility is that one of the items is out of stock. When this occurs, the amount of that item plus its shipping will be refunded back to your card (or PayPal or check in the mail).


When I am on the purchase page and I click to buy, nothing happens. What gives?

It is possible there is a broken link, please send us an email (see below). If the item is discontinued or out of stock, it will say so on the purchase page.


Do you ship to Canada?

Yes, we do ship to our neighbors to the North. International shipping rates and delivery times apply.


Can I get a mask in time for Halloween?

By Halloween - it is safe to assume that your mask will arrive by Halloween. If an item is no longer available by Halloween, the studio will inform us and we will update those pages.


Can I get my mask by (insert your date here)?

By such and such date - we cannot make promises on delivery times, and do not accept refunds for any non-Halloween deadline. You can always email and ask.


Can I get a catalog?

This site is updated so frequently that a catalog would be out of date before it even made it to print. We will just say that the site itself is our catalog.


Do you send to APO or FPO?

Most studios will send to APO and FPO. Go ahead and order. We will notify you of any problems before going further with the order, so be sure to include accurate email info.

There is a specific clause for APO and FPO customers, they must accept their items as non refundable and theirs for good once it is shipped.... even if it does not arrive at all.


APO and FPO service is through the US Postal Service, and we do not have tracking. Service can also be spotty, slow, or nonexistent. APO and FPO customers agree to this condition whenever they place an order.


Still haven't answered your question? Contact us!