House Witch
House Witch

House Witch

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This Halloween, transform yourself into the scariest ex-wife anyone has ever seen.  Our House Witch Halloween Mask is from the 1980’s horror movie franchise, House. This mask is based on the terrifying character from the horror movie who haunts and attacks her former husband. The mask is made of durable latex and has realistic details, such as long greying blond hair; wrinkled purple skin; a sunken, missing nose; lipstick glossed lips; and that, oh so, wicked smile. The mask can be easily worn or used as a display/piece/prop.  Either way, you will be sure to cast a spell on everyone who sees it. Order your collectible Halloween mask today and get ready to brew some trouble.
Exceptionally detailed, full overhead latex mask with acrylic teeth.  Handmade in the USA.

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