Select the items you wish to purchase carefully.


Why do you have a no-returns policy?


1) When you purchase a mask, in many case we purchase that item from the studio or manufacturer. They do not accept returns or give us refunds. Ever. If you return a mask to us, you are forcing us to buy it. We are not buying your mask.


2) Health Department regulations: You cannot return underwear, either (and for much the same reasons).

 ***** UPDATED FOR COVID-19 *****

Due to the nature of COVID-19 and to eliminate the possibility or likelihood of spread, we cannot accept the return of a mask for any reason.  

3) Predatory returns are rampant in this industry, and are not tolerated. A 'predatory return' is one made with the intention of use and return. An example of a predatory return is someone who buys a mask, wears it to a party, and returns it for refund.


4) A no returns policy is in effect for almost every established mask selling site on the internet. This is usually in their fine print, it is on our home page in bold, easily visible text. We all learned the hard way.


5) Some people think they were born on a throne... we have had people decide that they were going to purchase a mask and return it anyway (lying to the credit card company and challenging the purchase, for example)... despite the policy being clearly stated here and on the home page. These royals are cheerfully reported to a collection agency.


6) Many of the talented artists we are honored to represent are just starting out. They may be living in humble circumstances to support their art, and cannot afford to have their masks forced back upon them. We have a deep respect for this, and ask ourcustomers to feel the same.


7) When it gets close to Halloween, we cannot guarantee Halloween delivery by the 31st. We will put notices up on the site to keep you informed, and abide by them. Orders that do come in after the cutoff date are notified of non-delivery by the 31st before the orders are processed. We would rather be up front with you than have your Halloween ruined because you don't have your mask.


NO REFUNDS.... !!!!            NO RETURNS... !!!            EXCEPT.....




If a mask is damaged or has a major defect in manufacture.  This DOES NOT include size.


This does NOT include small blems that arise from having a human (artist) make your mask or small blems that occur as an unavoidable and natural effect of manufacture (latex commonly has natural pin hole sized marks that do not go all the way through the masks that are hidden by the paint/hair/etc).


For example, if ordering the Chimp mask, the item is made by hand and if a few hairs are out of place it just means you own a fine high quality mask that was not made by a machine. Congratulations, enjoy your mask for the rest of your life.


If you get a mask that is torn, has clumps of hair missing (unless it is supposed to have clumps of hair missing as in a zombie), that may be a defect of manufacture. If you get one of those (has not happened yet, but it could), email us - [email protected] .


If an artist that is not producing quality merchandise, or is misrepresenting their work to us or our customers, we need to know (has not happened yet, but it could).



Online ordering is securely encrypted for your protection using the industry standard secure certificate encryption technology. Credit card authorizations or transactions are processed using a secure interface.

Charges to your card will be billed to Lutz Enterprises, Ltd.



LEGAL NOTICE OF PURCHASE CONTRACT: In purchasing a mask, you [Purchaser] agree that the limitations for any and all damages, fees, costs, and expenses relating to, directly or indirectly caused by the use, misuse, ownership, or handling of any mask is limited to the actual purchase price of the mask you purchase in every circumstance. Purchaser assumes total and complete responsibility for any and all damages, and will hold harmless the vendor [Lutz Enterprises, Ltd.], and hereby waive any and all tort or right of legal recourse in perpetuity. Placement of your order will be deemed acceptance of this written limited liability contract.


No Refunds......No Returns. Choose wisely!!



Your personal information such as e-mail address, name, phone, etc are used solely for the purpose of fulfilling your order.

We do not maintain a mailing list nor do we share your personal info with any third parties under any circumstances.

We may call to verify your delivery address or verify your order at our discretion (this is as much for your protection as ours), but your phone number will never be otherwise used or shared.