Studio masks are a world apart from the mass produced items.  They are known for their very high quality, realistic qualities and uniqueness.

The mask making process is a combination of artistry and science and may include these steps:

An original sculpture is made, and a mold from this is thrown. This reverse mold is used for making the actual latex mask.

Once pulled from the mold, the latex piece is hand-painted and dyed. Eyes and hair are added as necessary. Dentition is applied.

These pieces take months to make, sometimes years to create.  Individual copies are made to order and can, sometimes, be customized.

After all the talent, all the work, the masks are sold for next to nothing. We suspect that this is going to change, and it is long overdue.  Remember - you get what you pay for!

We value the welfare of our artists, and keep them well insulated. This allows them to not expend their energies with the business aspects of selling their works, and they can focus on their art.