Please take a look at a few of the kind words our customers have had to say over the years:  

hey, just wanted to let you know i recieved my mask and i must say it was worth the is one of the greatest masks i have ever seen. -b.h., Hickory NC


wow i got them today thanks again it looks awesome my cat literaly craped himself when i put it on

-d.b. from Auburn AL



I have to tell you I was very very impressed with the Mask, As the youth calls it "The Bonb" Scared the hell out of my wife. Waiting it out was well worth it. It was refreshing to do business with you. Good Luck, & Thanks - Jeff


Just a note to let you know the Mask arrived yesterday,9/28...It's absolutely awesome and I couldn't be happier!!

 I shall be a repeat customer...

Thanks, Nate L




I ordered a Cackle Witch mask from you and received it yesterday. I absolutely love it, and I will certainly be recommending you to my friends!

Thanks again, Mollie




I purchased the higher end chimpanzee mask a year or so ago and it gets a reaction for the good and bad every time. There is a very cool annual Halloween party where I live that is somewhat controlled but there is a lot of suggestive role play as the drinks get heavier and the night gets later.

Everyone wanted to talk to the "monkeyman", but few knew who it was behind the chimp. I knew almost everyone in the room and no one knew it was me, although one friend immediately said "Hi David" and I told him to be very quiet.


My good friend has a band called Monkeyfuzz and I have introduced sets and boogied on stage as monkeyman and no one knows who it is but they seem mesmerized but the insane dancing chimp;"I Hate To Dance", but monkeyman gives a show. When I run off stage and throw off my mask and hide it and join the crowd from the back, they think I just showed up and missed the monkeyman. That's in front of up to 3,500 people drinking outside for a monthly charity event.

Anyway, that is my mask experience and there are many more. You have a very cool web site. Take care.

- DRAKES ( in the gallery.



Hey, Thank you so much for the reply. It means so much to me.

I will be viewing your site from now as soon as it's updated. Thanks once again.

Sincerely, Brandi,,

Thanks for the mask. It arrived today and it looks awesome!

Thanks again, Dave



We recieved the two masks I ordered on 10/18/06, on 10/24/06. Just as you said we would.

I just wanted to let you know that the masks (seed of chucky & bad sport) were more than we expected! They are totally awesome! The quality of these masks are remarkable, and I'm sure they will be a hit at the party. I'm especially going to love wearing the "Bad Sport" mask next 2007 season baseball home opener of the Minnesota Twins.

The other thing about these masks are, they are unique and you would be hard pressed to see somebody else wearing the same masks.

Thanks again for your help, honesty, courtesy and patience, when I ordered them, and I'm sure we will be doing business again in the future.

Totally Happy, Rich & Sharon, Little Falls, MN



I just wanted to drop you a line and say thank you for the quick service.

Everything arrived in good shape. It is an awesome costume and the quality is better than anything you can buy in this area.

I will tell all my friends to check you out. I found your web site by entering halloween masks on my yahoo search engine.

Thanks again and have a great halloween.

Jim R


It arrive yesterday and he is SOOOOO Happy with it.

Thank you very much.

Janet R



I recieved both masks, thank you very much for staying on top of everything and calling me with updates.

I wish all vendors worked like you.

Thank You, Jamie C



Thanks for the heads up! I've enjoyed my experience with your support!

Jimmy M. E



Thanks, It looks like the mask will be here on the 24th just in time for Halloween!

Thanks for making it in time for all the fun and I am sure it will be of superior quality.




Thank you for your professional service and kind attitude!

Next time we're in the market, we'll be back!

Best regards, Tracey B



(Part I:), whomever you are... What great service!

Thank you for the notification.

I'll keep the number handy should any problem arise.

- Patty


(Part II:),

One last note...the masks are for two grandsons (10 and 8) who are beside themselves with excitement...already coming over to check the mail here.

They will, indeed have a Happy Halloween.

Same to you... PF


I was looking How to put this thank you on your website or somehow but to no avail could I find it.


So let me begin to thank you. See I used to do dealings with other Halloween shippers and order decked out spooky stuff for a haunted porch I do each year.

Well I can tell you no other site measures to this one, I was shocked when I accepted delivery today and bam there was the mask I ordered not two days ago.

You made yourself a Customer for life, Ha-ha


I'm looking on the site for more to buy as I write this letter as I am overly Impressed.

So once again I had a great time with your products thus far I think the best I have had yet.

Get those artists working because I will be ordering ha-ha.

Sincerely, Damien S. W.



I usually don’t do blind purchases based on a google search, but your huge selection, and great information on your whole process helped me purchase a mask from you.

I was skeptical I wouldn’t get it before Halloween, but it arrived 2 days after I ordered!

The mask is well built and is finely made, especially considering the price.

Thank you.

I will be buying from you again next year.

Brian C



Thank you very much, sir.

I’ll make sure to use your site again. :’)

Michael W



Dear sir,

Believe it or not I recieved by UPS the Disco John Travolta Halloween mask TODAY ! I was delighted beyond belief, that I got it so soon. Just one day.

I have been modifiing it somewhat for fit. It is a excellant copy of John Travolta and I will be proud of it at the Halloween party. I do a lot of dancing and am a host too. I have did Saturday Night Fever in theatre arts at Fred Astire competitions.

I want to thank you very much for getting the mask out to me.

I will recommend you very highly to my friends and will use you in the future for products.

Yours truly,

Leon C




This is geroge i just ordered from you a couple a weekes ago, hope all is well.

Just wanted to tell you if yu get any new michael myers masks, or jason masks please let me know.

And thanks for your good service and great products I'm definately a future costumer.




I know you must be terribly busy right now but I just wanted to thank you for all your help and generosity this Halloween season with my order in general and all your help with the shipping issue.

I received my mask this morning, all is well and i could not be happier with the mask.

Thanks again for all your help and its wonderful to know that I have a very trustworthy and kind businessman to make my purchases from in the future.


Donald S.

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