Why do Scarecrows Scare People?

Scarecrows have been used by farmers for thousands of years to keep intrusive animals out of their fields. In fact, scarecrows have been around as long as agriculture itself. Farmers in ancient times learned from the fact that birds and other animals would avoid human figures, and would place scarecrows in their fields to protect crops.

But why are people scared of them too? When did the tradition of the horror scarecrow start? You would think that a simple representation of a human, with a well-understood, mundane purpose, wouldn't inspire any shivers. But today, scarecrows are accepted as one of horror's typical monsters, alongside zombies, vampires, and crazed supernatural murderers.

The biggest irony is that some birds don't care in the least about scarecrows, so they just scare humans, not their intended targets. Many animals get used to the stationary humanlike figure and just ignore it. This has led to the invention of more advanced types of scarecrows like Japan's Super Monster Wolf, a robotic canine beast with glowing eyes and a roar sound effect. It's funny that we have to go to these lengths to scare animals, but humans continue to be frightened by nothing more than burlap and ratty old clothes stuffed with straw!

So, let's take a closer look at scarecrows and what makes them scary.

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