This is our story section, and it is here solely for your enjoyment!

Each of these stories are originals and are available here and only here at

We have hired some of the most interesting professional freelance writers with a single proposition for being hired for this project.... to write a story centering around a Halloween Mask and/or Halloween. The stories can be scary, humorous, or anecdotal depending upon the talents and mood of the authors.

And if YOU are a writer, we may pay you to write a story here.


"Old Man"
by Jonathan Crimmins

"Ol' Bug Eyes Is Back"
by Jonathan Crimmins

by Jonathan Crimmins

"Three Dollar Mask"
by Jonathan Crimmins

"All Kinds of Books"
by Jonathan Crimmins

"Need My Frankenstein (Mask)"
by Jonathan Crimmins

"Reflections On A Scream (Mask)"
by Jonathan Crimmins

"Close Encounters Of The Tree'd Kind"
by Jonathan Crimmins

"Birth Of A Legend"
by Jonathan Crimmins

"Mask Of The Beautiful Souls"
by Tammi Reynolds

"The Criminal Politician"
by Kristen Goetz

"Skeleton Mask"
by Ron Tatum

"Cold Night"
by Amy Block

"Aimee's First Mask"
by Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

"Second Hand"
by Karras Bommer

"The 6-Year-Old Werewolf"
by Allen Butler

"Halloween Elsewhere"
by Cindy-Lou Dale

by Avis Yarbrough

"Unmasked Eyes"
by Sue Chehrenegar

"The Face Behind The Mask"
by Katharine Swan

"The Bid"
by Avis Yarbrough

"The Harry Potter Mask"
by Theresa Halvorsen

"The Mask Of Medusa"
by Connie Werner Reichert

by Iaian McLachlan

"Minerva's Mask"
by Jacqueline Seewald

"One Mask Or Many"
by Thomas Bogner

"The Mask"
by Matthew Johnson