The Mask Of Medusa

By Connie Werner Reichert 

Susan is 25 year-old coffee house barista looking for some fun in her life. One evening, she scoured the internet to search for a scary mask for next weekend’s costume party. Her lap top brought up Ebay, and Amazon. She patiently searched these sites but to no avail. Then her browser brought up With their excellent customer service and user-friendly web site, she ordered a simple mask of Medusa and waited for her shipment.

Two days later, Susan stood by her kitchen window of her modest apartment and signed with relief when she heard a knock on the door. The tanned and rugged UPS man asked her to sign for her package.

“But, the box is old and battered,” Susan complained. “This was supposed to be sent first class!”

”There’s nothing I can do. I’m sure the contents and just fine and intact.”

The UPS climbed into his truck and veered out of her driveway. She padded into her kitchen still wearing her nightgown and fuzzy slippers. An espresso machine hissed in the background. Susan gingerly opened the box and lifted out of the box, the most hideous mask of all.

“I will be the ugliest, most frightening Medusa at the party!"

She smiled and donned the mask. Ouch! The latex fit rather tight. Still wearing the mask, she stuck her head out the kitchen window.

“Max!" she called. "Where are you Max, your chicken livers are ready!”

She waited for her boxer’s thumping down the hallway. Max never responded. Opening her screen door off the back patio, Susan searched for her dog there. Following fresh footprints, under the gladiolas, was Max. He is dead. Susan carried his lifeless body into her car, and drove off to PetCare Emergency Animal Hospital. When she arrived, they said there was nothing they could do but bury him at the local Pet Cemetery on Fowler Lane.

"Why didn’t they notice my Medusa Mask? Surely they would have sent something."

Crying, she tried to wipe her tears but that was impossible. She climbed instead her white Toyota Camry and decided to visit her mother.

“Hi Gorgeous,” greeted Susan’s mom. ‘I have missed you, darling.”

“Ah, mom, we talk on the phone several times a day but I had to come see you because since this morning all the electricity went out. My Nokia cell phone doesn’t even work. And now Max is dead, What shall I do?"

“Well Susan, you look better than ever.”

“Stop joking around. What do you think my of my mask, Mother “

”Have you been using that doctor-approved oatmeal and olive oil mask I sent to you, because your pores are tight and you skin is glowing?"

 “Mom. I have to go now. Sorry. There is something I have to do!"

Back home, she looked into her mirrow.

"AHHHHGGGGGG!" Her reflection was horrifying, with eight bouncing medusa snakes erupting from her head.

"Why can’t anyone see this mask but me. It’s possessed and I know it killed Max! I’ve got to take this mask off! What am I going to do?"

The next day, her mother was reported dead.

After several attempts, Susan was able to wriggle the Medusa mask off, carefully without tearing her skin. She gingerly placed it to the battered box and a secret smile graced her lips.

“My boyfriend has been bothering me, and he’ll be at that party, Perhaps I will make use of this mask the best way I can.” She said aloud.

The package sat on the kitchen table and waited.